Doors Open Waterloo Region

Welcome to Doors Closed, a virtual exhibit by the Special Collections department at the University of Waterloo Library prepared for Doors Open Waterloo Region. The theme for 2010 was Made in Waterloo Region, and told the story about items and ideas that have been generated in Waterloo Region.

Of course, many large local manufacturing companies, some of which were formed in the 19th century, have closed their doors for good. Because they have donated their archives to the university, however, the library can ensure that a door remains open to their past.

Special Collections staff created this online exhibit to highlight the history of some of these companies. It provides an opportunity for you to step back in time and see these companies while their doors were open, while they were manufacturing diverse goods in Waterloo Region.

Interested in seeing more images from the archives? Visit our Through the Photographer’s Lens exhibit from Doors Open Waterloo Region in 2011, which highlights how the photographer opens doors to spaces and scenes that may otherwise remain undocumented and features work from the archives of local photographers.

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